We have many ways to entertain and tire your dog and give him not only a physical but also a mental outlet. Every dog ​​is different, and for each dog, you need to choose this distribution according to its needs and your possibilities.


What allowance can we provide to the dog?

  • TRAINING - for hounds, it is best focused on hunting, where you can work out not only physically, but also mentally, and at the same time develop your skills

  • PHYSICAL RELEASE – canicross (running with a dog), running by a bike, dog trekking, long walks, coursing (running for a tassel), agility and other other activities

  • HERSENWERK – dog puzzles that support the dog in its concentration and self-control

  • TOYS - ones that are for fun, but also focus and reflex, for example throwing balls, frisbees, tug of war, toys filled with treats and more

  • APORTY - supporting not only abilities, but also concentration and satisfaction of the dog, these can be from classic dummies, through fur dummies and animal models

  • CHEWING AND BITE BONES – from bones with dried meat, through dental bones, antlers and antlers, etc.

I have to admit that I use all the possibilities with Jasper, so his output is varied, never stereotyped, and so I have no problem with him annoying at home and not exhausted. I recently had the opportunity to try the throwing ball Training tooth ball and biting Larsson antlers by WE LOVE DOGS.


How did our testing go?

Personally, I also like the colors, so it's a shame that it is not offered in more colors. ? But that's really the only negative. We tested the ball for a month , it was not damaged during the entire period of use. Of course it is a ball intended for throwing and reporting , so I didn't let the dog bite or tear it, then it probably won't last. The orange color is pretty visible in the grass, so we didn't lose it. Thanks to the string, the ball can be thrown really far without much effort and you don't have to pick up the drooling ball yet. :-DA as a bonus is that the differently shaped ball for the dog he wipes plaque from his teeth and massages his gums , as if he were tossing it in his mouth.

We know the antlers and Jaspi really loves them. The dog smells interesting smells from it , which tempts him to chew and bite even more. It is a huge advantage brushing teeth, satisfying the dog's need for chewing and playfulness , relaxation and coping with stress and its seizure for a really long time . The wig will last you x days, weeks and even months - it depends on the intensity of the dog's passion. It is the most natural treat in the world, and at the same time, antlers contain many valuable minerals and nutrients. Deer antlers are hard, so I recommend them for teething dogs, but for puppies and seniors, moose antlers are also available, which are softer.

If you would also like to try the ball or the antlers, you can buy them in the WE LOVE DOGS - Hunter stores.

Iva Wohlmutová & Jasper


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