What are we going to talk about - we usually buy a bed for a puppy that we expect to dispose of in a while. When he eventually comes to his senses, we'll start looking for something functional, nice, and into which our pet can burrow while lying on its back with its feet up. You know it?! :D

I have already bought a few beds, but Jaspi literally fell in love with only one that he had the opportunity to test - a Hunter brand bed - Aarhus .

We choose the bed according to the needs of our dog

The range of beds these days is huge. Some deal with price, others with color, functionality, overall size, strength, etc. In the first place, you need to take care of your dog's needs.

What to focus on when choosing?

  • possibility of washing

  • functionality

  • extra bonus

For me, the possibility of washing is definitely in the first place . The bed used at home gets dirty over time, either from fur, treats and bones that the dog chews in the bed. If he has it, for example, in a shed or pen, it will get dirty faster. Then there is nothing easier than to take him, remove the cover and wash it .

For functionality, we should focus on the dog's needs . If it is an older dog that lies down more, you definitely need to choose one orthopedically focused bed. If it's a dog that likes to curl up in the bed and snuggle, then you should choose a chubby one. There are also dogs, what they have strong skin allergies, then we will definitely reach for an antibacterial . I'm also quite careful to wipe it off a little and not let liquids pass (for example, when the dog vomits sticks in the morning that he chewed in the forest the day before?).

jasperspi2.jpg How did Hunter's Aarhus test bed turn out for us?

I was first struck by the higher price of the Aarhus bed. And then I gave it to Jaspi instead of the original mattress. He was in it in a second and wouldn't let anyone near him. He dug into it all day and for days to come. Suddenly he completely forgot about the couch where he was sleeping before. Which my friend appreciated.
A few days later, in the morning, Jaspi threw up the sticks he had eaten the day before in his bed. I greased for a rag and the world wondered - although the bed is made of cloth, the liquid ran down it like nothing and nothing got inside . The cotton cover is treated antibacterial and hygienic surface treatment Bionic Finish C6 , which prevents the absorption of dirt and moisture, is even pleasant to the touch and thus provides comfort, so it is also suitable for dogs with allergies. And when Jaspi already messed it up with chewy treats, I took off the cover thanks to the zippers and washed it. I have to say that he surprised me and the higher price is really worth it. However, do the photos talk about it too?

If you would also like to try it, you can buy it in all Hunter stores or on their e-shop: HERE

Iva Wohlmutová & Jasper


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