Review: HUNTER Convenience

Hounds (with some exceptions) are water lovers, so it is necessary to choose the right collar suitable for water and, preferably, a leash for it, when we are moving around water for a long time.

This month I tested the Convenience Comfort collar and Convenience Leash in neon yellow from Hunter. Testing was easier for me because we've had this collar in neon blue for two years.

In the course of time testing different types of collars, their material and quality, I focused on 3 types that I need for my hound - a metal puller for training and better control of the dog, leather semi-retractable , which is mainly for show and collar suitable for water . Once Jasper got into the water with a leather collar made of rawhide and unfortunately he pulled out, that's why I don't let him in the water without a "water collar" anymore.

Collars made of biothane material often appear on the market, they are also good, but they are stiff and hard. The Convenience collar is made of flexible polymer , thanks to which it is softer and therefore more comfortable for the dog , yet it retains its strength and durability. This is a huge advantage for me compared to others.

The benefits of Hunter Convenience?

1. The flexible polymer material is waterproof and very durable.
2. Hygiene and safety.
3. It is not necessary to maintain it in any significant way, if it gets dirty, just wash it under water and the collar and leash are like new.
4. Choice of several neon colors. Neon colors can be seen beautifully even from a distance .
5. Choice of collars in a simpler variant without lining or a variant with neoprene lining for the highest level of comfort.
6. The leash is comfortable in the hand .
7. Selection of a classic or extendable leash.

jasper_con2.jpg Downsides of Hunter Convenience?

1. When wet with water, the surface is slippery, so you need to hold the leash by the handle, not on the rest of the leash surface.

How did the Hunter Convenience Leash Test Collar work out for me?

I've had this collar at home in blue for two years now, so I can really appreciate the quality after a long time of use. During that time, the collar has not changed in size (it has not stretched), it is not damaged in any way, its color has not lightened, the metal parts do not rust. It is very comfortable for Jaspi and he only has this one in the water. I have recommended the collar with a leash to many of my friends and almost all of them have bought it and are very satisfied.

If you would also like to purchase a collar and leash, you can purchase it in all Hunter stores or on their e-shop HERE - collar Comfort and Convenience guide

Iva Wohlmutová & Jasper


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