Review: new HUNTER treats

Although it doesn't seem like it at first glance, one of the biggest items of dog equipment are treats, which we buy in countless quantities over the course of a dog's life. And we will try many of them. Through dried meat, dental, training, various bones and antlers, buffalo hide,…

We have tried almost everything from different brands, but now we are interested in the new natural treats from the Hunter brand.

What to focus on when choosing treats?

  • high proportion of meat and selection by species

  • natural variants

  • reward type

We choose treats according to quality, the dog's needs, but also according to the type of reward

First you need to know if your dog is allergic to something – be it a certain type of meat or some other ingredient. Then the choice is a little easier. We can also choose the type of meat depending on whether we want treats with fewer calories (chicken, fish) or more calories (beef, pork). We want the best for our dogs, so we look for a high proportion of meat. I never go below 80%.

A lot of bad things can be found in food these days, but also in dog food and treats. Is better choose the more natural types – classic treats, antlers, bones or dried meat . I also look for those that they do not contain unnecessary sugars and cereals, which only burden the dog's digestion .

And we also choose treats according to the type of reward. If we want training ones, we assume that we will use a lot of them, so we choose less caloric ones, smaller in size and softer for easy and quick swallowing without disturbing concentration by possible chewing or biting, at the same time the softer ones they can also be easily divided into smaller pieces for small or obese dogs. If we want to reward the dog once in a while with a bigger treat, then it is better to choose strips or slices. Soft versions will do well for old dogs.


How did the natural treats from Hunter turn out for us?

The first thing that caught my attention was the very nice packaging, which is an insignificant thing in terms of the quality of treats, but I was pleased. A big one the advantage of the bag is the special closure – looks like velcro, so thanks for that the bag can be opened and closed indefinitely .

Jaspi has no allergies and is a bit of a litter eater, so he eats absolutely everything. We tried treats with chicken, beef, wild boar and duck. He liked them all very much. Treats they do not contain cereals , so they do not burden his digestive system, nor sugars . Depending on the type, they contain plant products, vitamins, vegetables, herbs, etc. And they do not contain flavorings - why, if they contain only natural goodies. They are semi-soft, so they are suitable for training, but also for puppies or old dogs . The range offers not only these semi-soft treats, but also sticks and meatballs and that without glycerin content, the addition of which artificially achieves softness .

I am satisfied with the quality (I tasted a few myself out of curiosity?), they are made in Germany, which in itself guarantees a high quality standard, so these treats will always be number 1 for us. Jaspi is already dreaming about them :-D

If you would also like to try them, you can buy them in all Hunter stores or on their e-shop here

Iva Wohlmutová & Jasper


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