Leather clearly belongs to hounds - leather collars and leashes. Today, you can find many types and designs in animal and hunting e-shops, incl. carving out a name or phone number. However, their use has pitfalls when it comes to skin care. But it looks great on our hunting dogs. I tested a semi-retractable collar and extension lead from the Solid Education line in cognac from the Hunter brand.

Advantages and disadvantages?
Among the advantages of leather collars and leashes, I would include two things:
1. The leather does not slip in your hand , so it cannot happen to you that if the dog suddenly pulls, the leash would slip in your hand or burn you worse than some fabric or rope leashes. Some leather leads as such bonus are from softened beef oiled leather , so they are even more comfortable in the hand.
2. It just looks the best on those hounds. And if you walk your dog after trials and hunts, then only with the skin.

However, leather products also have their disadvantages:
1. The leather needs to be greased to keep it soft and protected, because the rain doesn't do it much, and the rawhide doesn't at all.
2. The dog should not bathe in them , the skin will soak in and may loosen a lot.

What to focus on when choosing?

  • collar size

  • the possibility of switching the leash

  • greasing the skin

The size of the collar is really important, I recommend buying it by physically trying it on the dog. Non-stitched leather is still a natural material and may sag a little . So it's better to buy a collar that's a bit tight and expect it to loosen slightly. The dog should not bathe in it, the skin will get soaked and the collar can easily increase by up to a size. It happened to me sometime in the spring, Jasper jumped into the pond once in a new leather collar, and I sold the collar for a Weimaraner, which has a larger neck circumference than a Hungarian.

I find it unnecessary to buy a one-meter leash for our large dogs. The switch is definitely more convenient. You can switch the dog to approx. 1 meter, 1.5-2 meters or easily up to 2-3 meters (depending on the length and location of the rings), but at the same time you can also throw the leash over you and have your hands free, which is the most practical . And if you're doing hunting training with your dog, you definitely can't do without a leash thrown over you.

When choosing a leash, you need to take into account some greasing. You can use any cream, but better is either petroleum jelly or they are also sold special skin treatment creams . And clean regularly!

How did Hunter's Solid Education Leash Test Collar work out for me? jasper_4.jpg

Hunter I liked the products mainly because of the quality. Their leather collars and leashes are very well made and if you take care of them, they will last a long time . The Solid Education range is made of raw extra soft oiled cowhide. Raw leather is a bit more demanding, so the care of these products is really necessary and I do not recommend walking in the rain with them and certainly not letting the dog bathe in them. But this leather, which also has rounded edges, is really comfortable in the hand and very pleasant to the touch. The knitted processing is not only a beautiful design, but at the same time it guarantees an even distribution of the load when pulling or pulling . In addition, the color of cognac suits Hungarians very well. But they also have dark brown. Wherever I went in this set with Jasper, everyone immediately noticed and praised.

If you would also like to purchase a collar and leash, you can purchase it at all Hunter stores or on their e-shop here – collar and leash

Iva Wohlmutová & Jasper


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