We all have some ritual or habit that the universe would stop without if we didn't do it. Some people don't take a step without their phone, others need to pull the TV out of the socket before leaving the house. Why do we do this? Just like that. Of course, even dogs have their rituals, without which it would not be possible.

We have selected for you the most common dog rituals and habits that you can expect from your four-legged friend.

Make a nest

Digging is simply a part of dogs. You must have noticed that the dog adjusts his sleep before he lies down. He will dig in the bed, on the blanket, in the shed and on the couch. If you want to make your four-legged friend happy, put one of your older t-shirts, preferably worn, in his bed . The dog will smell you from it and will sleep well.

Two wheels before bed

Even before the dog goes to sleep, it usually turns around twice and then lies down to sleep. Why? We have no idea if the theory of Mr. Čapek from Dášeňka does not apply, but most dogs do.


Whining belongs to the language of dogs. Some of our pets are pretty pissed off and they know that if they whimper here and there, we will pay attention to them or be persuaded and give them a treat. Nothing should be overdone, so it is necessary to sometimes shout at the dog when he abuses it.

Barking at dogs on TV

Some dogs really like to watch TV or the computer with their owners. In addition, they bark at other dogs and animals that appear there.

Burying food for later

If you buy a dog a very large treat that he cannot eat at once, he will quite often bury the food for later. And that you live in an apartment and there is nowhere to bury it? This will not stop your four-legged friend, he will try to bury him in a sofa or a blanket, for example. You mustn't disturb him when he's hiding, because then he'll have to find another hiding place so you don't accidentally eat his yummy :)

If your dog has some other ritual or habit that we haven't written about, be sure to write it to us and we'll be happy to publish it next time! :)

With love


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