Summer has been a long time coming, but it's here! We can finally jump into our swimsuits, put on our sunglasses, grab a blanket and head out to the water. Of course we take dogs with us! But where? We have listed for you places where you can enjoy water games together.

On hot summer days, be careful that your dog does not overheat. We wrote down the rules on how to safely and pleasantly cool it down in hot weather in the article here .


Hostivařská dam is a paradise for dog walkers. Although it is located near urban development, you would not know that you are in Prague. Here you will find a swimming pool where animals are not allowed. Outside of it, however, there is enough space where the dog can bathe and you can relax with him. Take a walk up to the wooden jetty, from where there is a beautiful view of the entire dam.

You can get here by bus, e.g. to the Newtonova stop, or by car, you can park conveniently nearby.


There is a pond with a swimming pool near Prague near the village of Vyžlovka. There, again, dogs are not allowed to enter, but you can take them outside the swimming pool from the side towards the forest. Dogs can cool off there and then rest in the shade under the trees. Don't forget to pack a float for them  toys with which they can have even more fun in the water.

Parking is free before entering the area, and if you don't want to take a car, you can get here by regular PID suburban lines from Praha-Háje station No. 381, 382 and 387


A place with a great atmosphere (if it is not overcrowded with people) and clear water is located near the village of Vinařice in the Beroun district. You can get here by car, then follow the green hiking trail. Due to the low level of the lake, access to the water is more difficult, so watch out for the dogs. A trip here reeks of adventure, but if you're overwhelmed by classic beaches and swimming pools, the quarry will surely charm you.


Berounka is loved not only by boaters, but also by dogs. The Hýskov Reservoir is a popular swimming spot in the summer. And this is especially noticeable during the holidays. But you can always find your place to relax and sunbathe here, and when you get hungry, you can get refreshments at the local kiosk.

You can park your car near the beach.


And so that we don't just stick to the surroundings of Prague, we asked dog walkers about their favorite bathing locations outside of Prague. Pleasant bathing for you and your dog can be found in one of the most beautiful places in the Eagle Mountains. In the Pastviny water reservoir, the water is clean and of high quality, even during long-lasting heat. Just watch out! The stony access to the water drops sharply, so the dam is especially suitable for swimmers. And if you have a non-swimmer dog, you can buy one for him life jacket , which will guarantee his safety during your joint water activities.

You can conveniently park your car in the free parking lot.


  • Guard under Ralsk

  • Water reservoir Slapy - Měřín

  • Náklo sand pit

  • Nové Mlýny water reservoir

And now it's your turn with your tips. Let us know where you go swimming with your dog and we'll add your tip to the list.

We wish you a nice summer!

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