Thanks to you, we are sending Dogpoint CZK 197,071! Thank you

We realize that not every dog ​​is lucky enough to have a loving owner. That's why we continued the collection for dogs from the Dogpoint shelter, and thanks to you, we are sending them an incredible 197,071 CZK for 2019!

Thanks to your contributions and the sale of Dogpoint calendars and T-shirt We love dogs on our e-shop. Thanks to you, the dogs in the care of the shelter will live a little better again.

He started with the income from 2018 in the amount of CZK 105,510 Dogpoint build foundations for new kennels that will create space for another 4-5 dogs.
The ground work and the laying of thermal insulation mats have already been completed, and now we are waiting for the delivery of pens and sheds. In addition, last year the shelter renovated the heating of the buildings, which now retain heat better and save energy.

The goal for 2020 is to complete the preparation of new pens. In the spring, more repair and improvement projects will be prepared, thanks to which the dogs will live in a better environment until the right new family is found for them.

At Dogpoint, they care for an average of 15 dogs at the same time . If you are interested in adoption, just contact them at e-mail or phone, fill out the form on the website, possibly go straight to the shelter and get to know the dogs in person.

You can help them in other ways, again by purchasing some products from our e-shop. We've decided to expand the number of things you can help with. If you buy any accessory with our We love dogs logo, we donate the proceeds to Dogpoint. Therefore, please put the entire amount in the collection boxes in the stores so that the profit of the shelter is maximized. They are sure to make every dog ​​lover happy as a gift.


Thank you very much for helping us dogs and we are grateful for every contribution. We will let you know what the money will be used for, so you can rejoice with us that together we can do something good for those who need it the most.

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