Dog owners often invest in dog training to correct problem behaviors. With proper training, you can not only raise your dog to be a perfect gentleman, but a few key commands can one day save his life.

You can teach the dog all kinds of tricks. A lot of them are just for fun, which he could easily do without in life, such as rolling barrels, begging or even "corpse", but there are three, which should be perfectly controlled by every furry in every situation , be it a Chihuahua or a Great Dane. If you teach your dog these commands, you will ensure the safety not only of the surroundings, but especially of himself. It will also make your life easier in many ways, you won't be afraid to let him run free, for example. So what are the key commands and why is it important for the dog to know them?



A dog that is able to immediately lie down and stay in it, regardless of the distance from its owner, better avoid the impending danger . Rescue dogs learn to respond to this command even at the highest speed, when they run, for example, to a victim or are on a pile of rubble. But even pets should be able to do it, including all couch potatoes. Why? The dog may find himself in a dangerous situation, but being called to you could put him in even more danger (for example, he would have to run across the road where a car is driving). The moment you give him the remote command to lie down, he should stay down safely and wait for you to get to him.


Things we use in our daily lives can be life-threatening for dogs. You've probably had your dog pick up an object in his mouth that you never thought he'd even notice, let alone want to eat. Socks or women's underwear, which have already caused several cases of suffocation, are tempting. Chicken bones or fruit stones that can fall from your kitchen counter are also dangerous. Even a single pill of a human prescription drug or a poisoned bait sniffed somewhere in the park can endanger a dog's life. Because of these lures, which are so irresistible to many dogs, we should reliably teach them the command drop/spit it/fuck it . At that moment, the furry one should immediately let go of whatever he is holding in his mouth, thus preventing an impending disaster. At the same time, he should know that after this command he must no longer notice the object and you have time to clean it up.



Dogs are often unaware of potential threats around them. Many of them would calmly run into a busy road or after a rolling ball in the heat of the game straight from the rock. Even the best-behaved dog can find himself in a similar situation, and by teaching him to come to every call, you will avoid a lot of trouble.

How are your furries doing, are they mastering all these commands?

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