THE SMEČKA PODCAST - Part 18: The woman who saved hundreds of dogs

"He was on the verge of death and only ate potato skins."

In the new episode of the Smečka podcast , we dive into the world of dog shelters. Our guest today, Míša Zemánková, director of theDogpoint organization , will tell us what kind of life dogs lead behind the walls of shelters and what challenges dog adoption brings.

You will find out what conditions need to be met for adopting a dog and whether there are any fees associated with it. We will discuss the daily regime of the shelter and the care that the dogs receive here and we will advise you how and where to start if you want to help the shelters. We will also mention the possibility of taking a dog from the shelter for a walk and what the conditions are. We will also explore common reasons why people place their dogs in shelters, and what are the peculiarities of days like New Year's Eve or a thunderstorm in the shelter environment.

Join us for inspiring stories and practical advice to help you better understand the world of dog shelters and how you can contribute to a better life for abandoned dogs. ❤️🐾

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