None of us likes hot summer days, when temperatures jump over the thirties. We are more tired, have no appetite and sweat. Try to imagine that you are still wearing a fur coat. Take care of your dogs during tropical temperatures and protect them.

It is best to wait out the hot weather somewhere cool or by the water, if you don't have that option and you have to go to work, get your dog plenty of water. If you are worried that his water won't last until you get home from work, fill him with two bowls instead.

Do not force the dog to eat

You don't want to eat too much in the heat either, so don't be surprised if your dog doesn't lick the bowl as usual. Try to give him the food that he does not finish in the evening, perhaps he will get a taste for it during the day and gobble it up with taste. During the summer, try to limit fat in your diet, food should be at room temperature, avoid serving food directly from the refrigerator.


Don't make the dog run on long walks, you wouldn't even want to fetch a ball and fly here and there, rather take him to a pond or a river for a bath. If you don't have the opportunity to swim near where you live, just go for a short walk. It is best to go outside early in the morning and late in the evening when temperatures are at their lowest and avoid direct sunlight. Take his water in a pet bottle with you.


Cool the dog

If you spend the heat outside, don't forget to wet your dog here and there to cool down. For breeds without fur or with sparse fur, we recommend applying sunscreen, as your little friend can also get sunburned. Never leave your dog in a hot car, even with the window open. Temperatures in the car can reach up to 70 °C.


Pay attention to overheating, the dog is dependent on cooling down with accelerated breathing due to the absence of sweat glands. If your friend often sits or raises his paws during a walk, drools a lot and is nervous, he is probably overheated. In a more severe phase, he may begin to vomit and his heart will pound loudly, the inability to move is also a common symptom. The dog needs to be wrapped in wet towels, given a drink and taken to the vet.

Dogs with longer fur should be brushed more often. The fur is an insulating layer for the dog against cold and heat, but it only insulates when it is well combed. If you don't already have one, get a comb and brush for your dog and brush it regularly.


Enjoy the holidays together!


With love


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