Ticks are the enemy not only of humans, but also of dogs. They can also cause major health problems for your four-legged friend, from Lyme disease to anaplasmosis. So what can we do to protect dogs from this blood parasite?

Tall grass, forest, but also a garden! These are all places where ticks hide, anxiously waiting to bite into human or animal skin. While people can detect them relatively easily with their eyes, dogs cannot alert their owner to a tick bite in any way. Not only is it worth it when after every outdoor walk you thoroughly examine the dog . But regular checks of the dog's coat are not the only weapon you can use against ticks!


The ideal help against ticks are the so-called antiparasitics , which rid dogs of external and internal parasites. You can choose from several types of products, so every gentleman will really have something to choose from. It is undoubtedly one of the most widely used antiparasitics tablets and pipettes . While the tablets are prescribed by the vet, antiparasitic pipette you can easily find it in a pharmacy or online shop. In addition, the use of the pipette, often called spot-on, is simple and suitable for all pets who hate swallowing tablets. Just be careful to apply the contents of the pipette between the shoulder blades , i.e. in a place that the dog cannot lick. Subsequently, your pet is on roughly four weeks protected from ticks .

They are a popular option antiparasitic collars . Their biggest advantage is a longer service life. On the other hand, it is important to add that the dog can get caught in the collar, and therefore they are not an ideal choice for small and scattered puppies that run around the garden like crazy. But if you have an adult dog that spends most of its time outdoors, then an antiparasitic collar is the right choice.

Tablets, pipettes and collars contain approved insecticides, but very sensitive or weakened dogs can also react negatively to them. Therefore, especially in the first days after application, pay attention to whether the dog shows signs of unwanted side effects.

You may have also noticed in the market antiparasitic shampoos or sprays. The truth remains that these products they cannot protect the pet from ticks in the long term . But if you are looking for a supplement to existing antiparasitics, they will definitely come in handy. Spray not only the dog's coat with an antiparasitic spray, but also his favorite places, such as the bed. Only then will you be sure that the dog is protected from ticks for several hours.


Do you want mother nature to take care of your pet first and foremost? If you try to use natural preparations and tablets, then you do not have to compromise in this regard either. Currently, there are countless natural antiparasitics in the form of food supplements, collars, serums, sprays or pipettes. Of course, you have to think about that natural antiparasitics work primarily as repellants and tend to have a shorter duration of action . Experts recommend that you use at least two types of products. For example, don't be afraid to buy a natural antiparasitic collar for your dog, and at the same time use a natural antiparasitic spray.

Natural preparations are safe and gentle, so you can also apply them to sick or weakened dogs, puppies or pregnant and lactating bitches.


Have you found a tick on your pet dog? Then don't wait for anything and quickly reach for special tweezers designed for removing ticks on dogs. Place the tweezers on the tick, grasp the tick and gently pull it out. Forget circular motions or oiling. On the contrary, it is important that the tick remains intact and that you pull it out with the mandibles. Then disinfect the place and inspect it from time to time. If you see redness on the skin, see your vet.

Also watch the video of the Smečka podcast, which deals with the topic in more depth:

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