Even with pets, there comes a time when the first signs of aging begin to appear. It can be gray hairs, you will notice that the dog suddenly cannot jump up on the couch so briskly, in short, the furry one full of vigor slowly turns into a calm senior. On the Internet you will find countless tips on what to get your puppy when you bring him home, but we have put together a list of practical tools that will make life easier for senior canines.

How to tell if a dog is getting old?

Common signs of aging in dogs are weight gain, deterioration of hearing, vision, difficulty standing up, it can also be bad breath or frequent accidents. However, it is not generally possible to say at what age they start to appear. Due to so many differences in races, their aging also varies greatly. While some dogs can get old as early as six years old, others can still have plenty of energy at ten. Therefore, owners should notice that their pet is slowly moving into the autumn of their life and make some small changes in their care.

How to make life easier for a senior dog?

Changes in the care of a senior dog are not radical and can come gradually. These small steps for dogs can make everyday functioning more pleasant.

  1. Stairs

Dog steps or ramps are a great help for dogs that are starting to show signs of aging. They can be used by the couch, bed or when getting in and out of the car. In the beginning, the dog may be a little uncomfortable with the new device, so familiarize him with it and teach him how to move safely up the stairs.

  1. Lighting

Hairy people's eyesight can gradually deteriorate. If he moves alone in the garden or around the house, it is a good idea to illuminate the place sufficiently to make it easier for him to go out in the evening.

  1. Orthopedic bed

Orthopedic aids have long been making life more pleasant not only for people. This one helps with back or joint pain.

  1. Absorbent pads

With old age can also come occasional accidents at home. For these cases, prepare absorbent pads for the dog that you probably used when he was a puppy.

  1. Carpets

If you have a floor at home, it is possible that it will be more difficult for an older dog to walk on. Carpets that won't slide as much will help solve this problem.

  1. A shorter guide

Older dogs may become disorientated and will stick more to you, where they feel safe. A shorter leash will be handy for these purposes.

These aids will make your dog's daily functioning easier and allow him to continue enjoying joint adventures with you.

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