Have you brought home a puppy and are wondering when is the best time to start raising and training him? The correct answer is best now. Of course, you won't demand God knows what kind of dog treats from him, but if you want to have a self-confident and obedient dog at home, there is nothing to wait for.

You can certainly handle the basic training yourself, but if you want to be sure that you are doing everything correctly, start visiting a dog nursery with your puppy. And not only because of training, but also socialization with other dogs, which is an important pillar in the happy life of both the dog and its owner.



All trainers and kennels require the dog to be properly vaccinated. When you have fulfilled this duty, you can go. It depends on which training ground you choose, but often the lessons are divided according to the age of the dog. You can therefore be in a group with puppies of the same age, for whom the trainer will adapt the entire course of training. After that, it depends on how the dog goes, and you can advance to a more advanced group, where the training is a bit more demanding. But the truth remains that exerciser can differ from exerciser, and everyone can have it set up differently . It then depends on you what suits you best and which one you choose in the end.


Keep in mind that a puppy is like a blank sheet of paper. With a good trainer, you will not only teach him basic commands, such as sit and lie down, but also how to communicate properly, praise, how to listen to the dog and how to react when something goes wrong. Maybe it will sound strange to someone, but no relationship works without mutual respect and understanding. And it doesn't matter if it's a human relationship or a human-dog relationship.

In addition, the dog will learn to communicate with other dogs and build its role in the group. You will find that this is often the most fun and interesting part of the whole training - watching a group of puppies rub and play with each other. This is often how you can tell if you have a little introvert or a lover of company.



In addition to a dog and a good mood, bring with you collar and clue . Some trainers prefer a collar over a harness. The dog is then better controlled. But it depends on how you agree. Always have a classic fixed leash, not a winding one. And what is most important? Rewards for which a dog would bear even the bluest of the sky. This can be something good for the tooth, or a favorite toy. Most furries only work for treats, but there are exceptions that are motivated by the sight of playing with a toy.

Treats are suitable smaller and will come in handy a treat box , possibly a deep pocket or a kidney bag, thanks to which you will have goodies right at hand. You will find out later that when paying, one of the most important things is speed .

You can also pack a travel bottle or bowl . Again, it depends on the exerciser if they have bowls of water available. You should get all this information from the trainer before the first lesson, or ask for it, so that you are prepared and nothing is preventing you from your training journey. Then you just need to have the desire to learn new things and you can go.

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