The pros and cons of sleeping with a dog in your bed

There are several different opinions that divide society. One of them is whether or not to let your pet into bed. One group cannot imagine a night without a dog, others spout arguments why the furry one has nothing to do in bed. So how is it?

One of the crucial questions is whether you are allergic to dog hair . One would say that in that case the dog should be forbidden from entering the bedroom, and especially the bed. But there are studies that prove that owners who didn't have the heart to lock the dog in another room for the night and continued to sleep with him eventually developed a tolerance for hair. Of course, it depends on the degree of allergy, but even such cases tend to have a happy ending.


Among the disadvantages of sharing a bed with a dog are the bacteria it brings to your bed. You yourself probably know where your furry friend moves outside, where he lies and what he rolls around with enthusiasm. Dirt, sometimes even parasites get into his fur, and you sleep in it all. It is therefore important change and wash bedding frequently to avoid health problems. And speaking of scarecrows, it should also be mentioned that sleeping with a dog in bed increases the risk of contracting various diseases, even if it is regularly vaccinated. It is especially dangerous for children or pregnant women.

Enough of the negatives, all owners who love their dogs above all else will not pay much attention to them anyway. We have good news for you, there are many more benefits! He has a dog in his bed positive effect on our psyche . It has a calming effect, so a person's sleep is much better and more peaceful (unless you have a "kicker" who constantly kicks you out of sleep).


Four-legged pets even slept with their owners in the Middle Ages. But this was not about love for animals, but about safety . A chihuahua will probably not protect you from a thief, but you will still subconsciously feel safer by its side. Shared beds too it strengthens your relationship with the dog , which can be useful during training. But be careful, sometimes it can develop into a pathological addiction, when the pet cannot stand without your presence. In that case, you should consider sleeping with him.

And how are you doing? Do you sleep with or without a dog?

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