Amazingly colorful autumn beckons for walks and longer hikes. Take your hiking boots, a snack in your backpack, and your dog too. However, whether you and your excited companion plan a route to Kost Castle or to Kočičí údolí, think about the basic principles of outdoor fun.

Good visibility

"Safe and stylish" is the motto of this autumn. In order to they promoted good visibility your canine friend (you never know if there's a hunter lurking behind a hill in the meadow or a tall one that your pet would disappear behind) in the uncertain autumn weather, choose appropriate reflective accessories and equipment in signal colors. In our offer you can find, for example , a fluorescent canary vest , a light raincoat in bright red with reflective stripes or a rechargeable luminous collar with a light range of up to 500 m in several color variants.

Keep your dog in sight at all times, and if you cannot rely on his obedience (or your dog bears a striking resemblance to a doe or hare), choose a longer leash . If you are proud of a whole pack of dogs, the leash rule applies doubly. And because every village has a different dog, pay attention to the information and prohibition signs in the place where you are walking (no dogs allowed in parks, on private land, etc.). Last but not least: don't let your pet disturb or scare farm animals along the way. Simply, the basis is the leash over the shoulder and stretch stylish functional collar .

For example, colorful Convenience Comfort collars they combine modern high-tech materials with the safety and comfort requirements of your pet. The tapes are extremely strong in tension and market and suitable for all outdoor activities even in adverse weather. Neon colors will ensure better visibility of the dog, and what are we talking about, bright colors are now sizzling and brightening every autumn fog.

Did you forget the leash and your dog ran off? The fastest way for its finder to contact you, is a dog tag with an engraved phone number . If the dog doesn't have it, he's definitely microchipped, so if he gets into the hands of the police or a shelter and you've had his chip taken into register , he will surely find his way home.

Happy paws

Have you walked so many kilometers, but tireless happy paws are still jumping around you? We will give you advice. At the end of the walk, it needs a game, because those who play will not be angry in the evening... Pull out your favorite throwing toy from your backpack: whatever it is rubber balloon on a string , frisbee or even better rechargeable luminous Yukon ball , with which you will grow even for the ever-shortening days and dark thickets. They just love the fetch.

Deserved rest

The last rule of hearty autumn walks is a full bowl and plenty of rest. When you have already de-mudded and de-foliated your darling, don't let food clutter your apartment and use it a mat under the bowls , which will prevent food from being scattered and water from spilling around. After eating, direct the dog to the bed. In a luxurious gray sofa he remembers the winding paths through the valley, or the feeling of immeasurable happiness while running through the swamp returns to him for a while. Sweet Dreams.


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