We're not going to lie, if you're reading this article, you're definitely a die-hard dog lover, and we bet that your furry friend finds a present under the tree every year. What does he get most often? Toys, treats, and finally, does he enjoy wrapping paper the most? Let's do it differently this year and give the furries something they really want! You might be surprised how little is enough for them to be happy. And what is that? We asked them!


Dear Jesus, I was really obedient this year, I only threatened the neighbor's cat a little so that it wouldn't be said, and I only got dirt on my master's old boots, which he didn't wear anyway. I would really like a long walk where they take me without chatter and let me run around properly. I would like to rest after her, and you know how I like a belly rub! I could be woken up from my slumber by the smell of freshly baked cookies, I would have some goodies from the table for dinner, and I could not end this perfect day anywhere else but in bed!

Your Alik


So this is how a letter to Santa from our four-legged darlings would look like. And because at We love dogs we like to give dogs what we see in their eyes, we created gift vouchers based on their wishes. They can be applied to the given activity at your place throughout the year. The dog may want you an hour's walk twenty minutes of belly scratching , christmas cookies for dogs sleeping in bed for a week or goodness from the table (of course, healthy and harmless for him). And watch out! In our establishments, the dog can complain at any time if the fulfillment of the voucher is not according to his wishes!

Apart from that, the dog under the tree certainly won't disdain a proper soft-mouth in the form warm sweater , a comfortable bed with warm fur or a decent jacket . And if you're looking for a toy, you won't go wrong when you choose one (or even two) of our favorites. For example a plush toy with a rubber ball inside or extra durable a frog .

Not all dogs were lucky enough to find a loving home. Some are still waiting for him in the shelter Dogpoint . And it was there that they created a charity diary, from the purchase of which all proceeds go to their support. By purchasing, you will make yourself happy twice - for yourself or for whom you buy the calendar and for the dogs that Dogpoint takes care of.

Are you still fumbling? Get inspired our Christmas offer .

So happy and furry!

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