Together we help the dogs from Dogpoint

Thanks to you, Just your friend.. HUNTER can help dogs in need. Many ways. Materially and financially. Whenever you make yourself happy, you are doing a good deed for homeless dogs.

You may not even know it, but if you make yourself and your dog (or cat) happy by shopping at our store in Újezd , you will also help a dog waiting for a home at the Dogpoint shelter . dogpoint_kolecko.jpg

That's because we regularly contribute 3% percent of Dogpoint's store sales . For the operation, construction and repairs of the shelter building, veterinary care or feed.

But we also try to help in other ways: with in-kind donations, HUNTER Germany also provides equipment that dogs in need need. For example, beds, collars and bowls for feeding and water.

Those who give lonely dogs a home are automatically offered membership in our loyalty program with a 10% discount .

You can buy a Dogpoint charity calendar from us, the entire proceeds of which will of course go to the shelter .

red_arezzo.jpg Or, and this is our latest initiative for the shelter, drop 300 crowns into the shelter's cash register at our store in Újezd ​​and we will give you a HUNTER Arezzo bracelet with silver-plated pendants as a keepsake and for joy , which will remind you of your good deed forever. arezzo.jpg

Thank you for helping and thanks to your support we can help where it is really needed.


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