Leaving home and leaving a dog alone is not easy for any owner. Especially when they make sad eyes at us and act like we're leaving them forever. What do dogs do when we close the door behind us? Have you ever come home and wondered, “How did that dog get there?” or “How did he do that?”. Many dog ​​owners would love to be a fly on the wall and watch unobserved as the inexplicable disaster unfolds. Let's shed some light on how furries spend their free time.


It probably won't surprise you, but the daily schedule of the dogs is far from resembling the animated film The Secret Life of Pets. Most of them simply save your working hours. Adult dogs sleep easily for half the day, puppies and senior dogs even more. They draw energy on all the shenanigans.


If the dog has been alone at home for a long time and has already had a good night's sleep, he will probably play. So make sure he has access to his favorites toys . If he doesn't find them, know that he will make a toy out of, for example, your bums. The advantage is when you own more canine companions , mostly you do they will win together.


While most dogs will eat their food within seconds, some are bigger gourmands and will save it for when they are alone and have some peace to feast on. There are also those who go out to eat throughout the day.



Is your dog forbidden to climb into bed and you keep finding hairs in the covers? He probably follows the rule "When the master is not at home, the dog has a pré." Because when the furry one is at home alone, he can take it as an opportunity to do things that he is forbidden and that he would never allow himself to do in your presence.


Not all dogs tend to guard, but many of them take your departure as the start of a guard shift. They run from door to window and bark at everything that rustles outside. Although it may not be an imminent danger, and the "disruptor" of the peace in question is just the postman or the neighbor next door.


Do you regularly return to the wood shed rather than the home you left behind? Then you probably own a little destroyer. Dogs that claw, chew, or tear anything in their reach may do so just out of boredom . But sometimes it can be a symptom separation anxiety . In the first case, try to tire the dog out before you leave, just in case separation anxiety the solution will be more complicated . If you don't know how to consult a dog trainer and/or veterinarian. 


Are you still curious about what your furry friend is doing at home while you are away? Today it is easy to find out. You can install it at home camera system and dog to watch . There are also cameras direct for pets , through which on them you can talk or even them give a treat . So if you cringe every time your dog is home alone, a camera is a way to keep him under control.

Remember that it is not advisable to leave the dog alone for a long time. If you know that you will be away from home for a long time, arrange a sitter or at least someone who will come to take the pet outside and have some fun for a while.

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