Are you watching your favorite TV series, only to find that your four-legged friend is hanging on the actors' lips and watching each scene with interest? Or, conversely, does your dog bark every time he sees his canine companion, a horse or a cow on the TV screen? Let's find out if dogs really watch TV in a similar way to humans.

Focused on a dog's eye

First of all, we need to understand how a dog's vision works. The truth remains that a dog's vision is not as sharp as a human's, so it often happens that dogs prefer sitting close to the television screen. At the same time, they have a different perception of colors, specifically seeing only blue, green and yellow. As soon as the dog runs on the green grass and catches the yellow ball in the commercial, it is a very attractive spot for the canine viewer. On the contrary, it is likely that he will not notice the advertisement in which the canine actor is sitting on the red carpet and playing with a red ball. Although dogs are faltering in color perception, they "compensate" for everything with brilliant night vision, as well as high sensitivity to movement. In any case, every dog ​​viewer is different. While one is fascinated by the movement on the TV screen, the other is amused by the strange sounds emanating from the show.

How do dogs understand television?

We can hardly tell what a dog is really thinking while watching TV. In any case, the dogs on the screen recognize the animals and also respond to the dog's bark. Since dogs rely primarily on their sense of smell, it is very likely that they do not perceive television as a "real" image. At the same time, it can happen that the dog is convinced that his canine competitor is not "coming out" of the television. As they say - trust, but verify.

Why do some dogs not watch TV?

Maybe you have two dogs at home and you have noticed that while Alík is enthusiastically watching TV, Punťa is not even interested in a commercial with a dog sled. The truth is that different breeds (and of course individual dogs) have different vision abilities. So some dogs can see what's on TV better than others. Some dogs also rely entirely on their sense of smell, so they won't be put off by the image.

On TV for the dog: yes or no?

Have you noticed that you live with a TV lover? Then you might be thinking that when you leave the house, you will turn on the television for your dog, and therefore provide him with a program for the whole afternoon. But in general, dogs prefer to "watch" TV in your company. Once they are alone, they much prefer to curl up in a ball and resort to sweet sleep. Of course, nothing prevents you from leaving the TV on. Just hearing the sounds can be stimulating enough to make the time before you come home pass faster for your dog.

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