Many owners think that owning a dog's first aid kit is unnecessary. After all, it always manages somehow without her. But they hold this opinion only until they really need it. The dog gets sick, gets injured, eats something it shouldn't. In many incidents, a first aid kit will save you a trip to the vet if the visit is not absolutely necessary. In this article, we will talk about what the contents of a first aid kit should look like so that it is really practical.


It is the absolute foundation of every first aid kit Betadine . It works on open wounds, whether from bites or scratches, cleans and disinfects. When you need to wash the wound, dilute it with water to make it look like tea. It is ideal for washing eyes and wounds physiological solution . And thirdly, an integral part of a dog's first aid kit should also be hydrogen peroxide . But it is not intended as a disinfection, the dog would have an unpleasant burning sensation in the wound, it is used to induce vomiting in case of ingestion of a dangerous substance.



A sticky elastic and self-adhesive bandage, with which you can easily bandage a dog's wound, a set of cushion plasters, a tourniquet to stop bleeding, a patch, bandages, all this will help you in first aid for a dog. Also, don't forget the three-pronged scarf to fix the muzzle so that the dog can't bite you during the treatment.


Medicines in the medicine cabinet often save you a trip to the vet. E.g. in case of insect bites, it is good to have antihistamines against allergic reactions in stock. Smecta will be useful for diarrhoea, black coal is also often recommended, but it colors the dog's excrement, so it is impossible to tell if there is blood in it.


At first glance, it may seem like the greatest pointlessness, but injuries to paws and pads are one of the most common injuries. The shoe ensures that dirt does not get into the dog's wound.



The first-aid kit should contain tweezers in case of splinters or removing ticks, a syringe for rinsing the wound or eyes with physiological solution, disposable gloves, scissors, safety pins and also a thermometer, which will tell you immediately that something is wrong with the dog based on the increased temperature.

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A first aid kit will make it easier for you to provide first aid, but you must responsibly assess how serious the situation is and how extensive the dog's injuries or nausea are. If you are not sure, it is better to consult a veterinarian.

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