What should you ask your vet?

Just as you will not find the same person in the world, every dog ​​is completely unique. And we are not talking primarily about appearance, we mean character, temperament, health, etc. In short, every dog ​​is an original, and thus requires individual care.

Since then, we, their owners, are here to ensure a happy and healthy life for them. And who will help us in this? A vet, of course. And in order to provide the best possible care, we should ask him the right questions.


Have you noticed changes in your pet's behavior? Doesn't he have a cough? Is it just a seasonal allergy or could it be something else? Hasn't he put on some weight lately? It can be an incorrect diet or a lack of exercise. There can be many reasons for your dog's medical complications, and a veterinarian is here to help you figure them out and solve them.

Those who ask the right questions will learn more. And so talking to the vet is often more important than you think. Here are some questions you should ask him at least once:

  • How do I know if my dog ​​is not feeling well?

  • In what ways can I keep my pet fit even in old age?

  • How to care for a dog's teeth?

  • At what age is a dog considered "senior" and what does this mean for their lifestyle?

  • Are there any health issues we should watch for in a dog as it ages?

  • Are there any breed-specific health issues that the Furry may be prone to?

  • What is a healthy weight range? How often to give treats?

  • What does it mean when a dog keeps scratching and licking its fur?

Just like people, pets benefit from a healthy and happy lifestyle that allows them to do the things they love (even if often all they really want to do is bask in the sun). Just paying attention to small changes in behavior and asking your vet the right questions can make a difference in keeping your dog in good health.

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