What to do if a dog has separation anxiety?

Do you have a small puppy at home that you can't take a step away from? Or are you a dog owner who, in moments of solitude, is not lazy and works hard to turn your home into a firewood shed? Either way, it sounds like your pooch is suffering from some form of separation anxiety.

They say that a dog is a man's best friend. And what do friends do? Sticks with you through thick and thin! Unfortunately, some dogs take this definition literally, and cannot give up their master's presence even for a few hours. Even though many pet friendly offices are currently being created, we can travel freely with our dog or go out to a restaurant together, there are times when the dog, willy-nilly, has to stay home alone. And just in this moment, separation anxiety becomes a big problem , which affects not only the psyche of your pet dog , but also it can transform your home beyond recognition .



Separation anxiety in dogs is not talked about much, yet it is a common problem that many owners struggle with. First of all, it is important to explain that separation anxiety arises on the basis of a protective instinct . The dog will definitely not say to himself: "If he left me, I will chew his slippers as punishment!", rather your partner looks for escape routes from the house and all obstacles, that come his way decimates . But the truth remains that separation anxiety is not only manifested by destroying furniture. Given that the dog is currently under a lot of stress , you can register with him nervousness, shaking, whining, howling or restless gait . Some dogs suffering from separation anxiety do the opposite for the period of absence housewives pollute the apartment with urine or tempering . Even in this respect, it is true that a dog has a different reaction to solitude and the owner leaving the house.


Did you come home from work and be horrified by the trigger your four-legged pet made? Consider that his behavior was not due to disobedience, but to fear. So forget about punishment dog and better look for ways to prevent a similar situation from ever happening again. Another common mistake is that owners ostentatiously point out their departure or arrival. We're not saying you can't pet your dog and say "hello," but try to limit long goodbyes , which unnecessarily make your dog nervous. Do the same when you arrive.


We should prepare our dog for solitude from puppyhood. While we understand that you want to spend all your time with your little puppy, prepare the dog for solitude little by little . First, leave the house for a minute, then for a quarter of an hour, and so on. Thanks to this, the dog will quickly understand that you are not leaving him, and on the contrary, you will return home sooner or later.


It is equally worthwhile if you show the dog that you are yours leaving is associated with something positive . In this regard, interactive toys that you can insert are a great helper treats , and the dog has to figure out a way to get the treats. Believe me, in the company of these toys, he won't even notice that you left. For example, we recommend a toy KONG Rewards Wally , which is neither round nor square, so can only be set in motion by nudging with the nose or paws. You can also try KONG Bamboo dumbbell or interactive toy Kim .

Of course there are too severe cases of separation anxiety which cannot be "cured" by an interactive toy . There are many means on the market, from pills after supporting oils or crisis drops for dogs . Nevertheless, we recommend that you first consult with your veterinarian or an experienced cynologist, who will find a solution tailored to your dog.

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