It is probably one of the biggest nightmares of every dog ​​owner. One moment the dog is happily running around you, and the next he is gone without a trace. It only takes a moment and suddenly everything is different. There are countless scenarios in which a dog can get lost or run away, but we wish them all a happy ending. For the furry guy to return home safe and sound as soon as possible. How to help the best we can?


The basis, even a duty in Prague, is to have the dog microchipped. Every veterinarian does it, the chip is inserted under the skin on the neck and it is not painful for the dog. After the procedure, make sure that the chip is inserted into the National Register of Animal Owners and if the dog is found, it will be easy to contact you. Instead of a chip, a tattooed number from the inside of the dog's ear also serves. Like the chip, the tattoo number is entered in the register.

Another must is collar with dog tag and your contact . It's the least you can do, and if someone finds the dog, it's also the fastest way to contact you.

So a chip and name tag are absolute necessities every time you leave home . Even if you just go for a short walk around the neighborhood. You never know what can happen - a dog will be scared of something, a cat or a bitch in heat will get wind of it, even thunder or lightning can scare it. In such moments, the dog loses control over himself, is confused, does not know where he is running, and when he gets somewhere, he often does not know the way back. Therefore, do not underestimate these two basic points and always have the dog carefully marked.


When this happens around your home, stay for at least 15 minutes in the area from where the dog ran away . Call him, whistle - preferably in a cheerful tone. Make familiar sounds, such as clinking food bowls, tapping a can with a fork, or shaking a jar of favorite treats.

Likewise, when he runs away on a walk, call, whistle and stay in place for some time. In case you are on a known route that you walk regularly, go back to places where you know the dog likes it, where you let him run free, for example. Some dogs are very smart and will come back to your car in the parking lot the moment they lose sight of you.


If some time has passed since the time of the loss and your nervousness is rising, it is the right time to ask for help .

  • First, ask passers-by, or contact them if they see the dog. Tell them his name, describe what he looks like and what to do with him in case they find him.

  • Call the city police and report the loss of the dog.

  • Contact psidetektiv.cz, where they will create a flyer, distribute it to all important organizations and post it on social networks.

  • Call the National Registry of Chipped Animal Owners.

  • Let the nearest shelters and veterinarians know.

  • You can put your clothes in the place of loss, which will make the dog smell you and it is possible that he will wait there when he finds it.

  • Put up posters around the neighborhood with your photo and contact information.

  • Report the loss on social media. There are often various dog groups and discussions. Send a photo with the details there as well. Social networks are very helpful in this. People from the neighborhood can let you know when they see the dog, so you have an overview of its movements.

  • If you are lucky and know what places the dog moves, a cage is very effective, where you put the dog's food, bed and your clothes. The dog is attracted to it, climbs inside and you close the cage from a distance. This is mainly in case the dog is in such panic and stress that he is afraid of strangers even if he is only a few meters from them, he does not trust them and runs away.

We wish that you never have to take these steps and that you and your furry friend will be inseparable forever. Otherwise, we believe that a lost dog will always find its way back to you.

Also watch the video of the Smečka podcast, which deals with the topic in more depth:

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