Do you also have a dog that won't avoid a mud bath or a chance to swim in the pond, but when it comes to a home bath in the tub, he will pull his tail and hide? Read on to learn what causes fear and how to help your dog overcome it. Have a peaceful home bath!


All it takes is one negative incident during bathing that you don't even notice, but the fear comes unexpected. Too hot water, slipping bathtub, getting water into the nose or shampoo in the eyes - all this can make the dog feel that bathing is not safe.


Swimming or frolicking in the water is a fun activity for a dog that he choose himself and which he has under control . Unlike a home bath where you decide, manipulate him and limit his movement. This loss of control is another reason why dogs fear baths like hell.


Sometimes we are the ones to blame. Dogs are extremely sensitive to our emotions, and therefore if we are nervous about bathing, we can transfer our negative feelings to the pet. If you approach the bath as a stressful experience, the dog will take it the same way . Even if he won't listen and defend himself, don't yell at him, take it easy and slow and prevent him from labeling the bath as something stressful.


1. Stay calm

First make sure that you yourself have a positive attitude towards the bath . If you are in one round, stressed or frustrated, it is better to postpone the bath and wait for the moment when you are more relaxed.

2. Create positive associations

Place the food bowl by the bath/shower and make a treat path to it. Let the dog calmly walk up to her, stay in the bathroom for a while and eat treats. Then let him go again. The point is that the dog associates pleasant experiences with the bathroom . When you feel that he is not stressed in the room, put him in the bath and reward him with treats. But don't start the bath just yet. If you have a smaller bathtub and a large dog, or if you wash him in the shower, let him jump out of the tub on his own. This gives him the feeling that he has control over the situation.

Once the dog is able to be in the tub without fear, remove the food and try turning on the water. Give it to him toys into the water and keep rewarding with treats . You can try smearing the wall of the tub with a little peanut butter, then the dog will care about it and not the running water. Next to him a little wet his paws if he is still calm, splash some water on the body . In this calm and slow way, proceed through the entire bath process until the very end. Praise and reward the dog during the procedure. Whenever he gets agitated, stop immediately and try again in a few days .

3. Avoid negative associations

Make the bathroom a safe place for your dog. You can place a non-slip mat on the bottom of the bath, do not forget to test the temperature of the water, avoid splashing or pouring water directly into the eyes and nose . You can use a wet washcloth to wash these areas. Other hygiene activities such as claw trimming or brushing teeth , leave for other days.

Bottom line - with a lot of patience, gentleness and care, you can quite easily change your furry friend's bath attitude. You have already visited ours We Love Dogs Spa in Vinohrady? This is also a possibility to bathe the dog in the best conditions.

Also watch the video of the Smečka podcast, which deals with the topic in more depth:

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