Have you noticed your dog sledding? The trigger of the problem is probably overfilled anal glands that need to be emptied.

What are anal glands?

Every man sooner or later comes across the term - anal glands. While this concept may sound strange to say the least, you don't need to panic. In most dogs, partial emptying of secretions from the anal glands occurs automatically during defecation. By the way, secretions from the anal glands play an important role in a dog's life. Not only does it mark its territory, but it is also a certain way of communicating with other dogs. So if you have a healthy dog, you probably don't need to worry about his anal glands.

The opposite situation occurs when you notice so-called sledging in your four-legged friend. Do not under any circumstances underestimate this movement, which may seem comical at first glance. In this way, the dog tries to relieve the itching caused by the overcrowded anal glands. In some dogs, the problem with the anal glands is also manifested by biting the hair around the base of the tail.

Why are the anal glands congested?

If you've noticed a problem with your dog's anal glands, you're probably looking for the cause. But the truth remains that there is no single reason why a dog struggles with anal glands. In some cases, it can be the result of excessively hard stools or diarrhea, lack of exercise or poor diet. At the same time, some dogs produce more frequent or denser secretions.

Whatever caused this problem, definitely see a vet. It is the veterinarian who can empty the anal glands within a few minutes, which immediately relieves the dog. In no case do not empty the anal glands yourself without first consulting a veterinarian.

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