Dogs are welcome in Prague! Every Prague furry and his master know that. And since there is never enough inspiration for trips, we have written down tips for places where you can get new energy and your dog can use it up for a while. Verified on own packs.

Before you leave, don't forget to pack some for your dog treats for reward , travel water bowl , bean bags . And if you take public transport, your four-legged friend should not miss it muzzle .


Obora Hvězda is a popular place for dog walkers from Prague 6. You'll find yourself at the snap of a finger in the middle of beautiful and peaceful nature , far from the hustle and bustle of the big city. The walk here is approx for 2-3 hours , but if you have less time, you can choose a shorter circuit. The pride of the park is a beautiful Renaissance summer house, but dogs are not allowed there. In front of it, the movement of dogs is also restricted and they must be on a leash, in the rest of the park they can run without restrictions.


Less well-known is the Košířský nature park in Prague 5. But that does not detract from its beauty, quite the opposite. Thanks to the fact that it is not so often visited, you can really find it here silence and peace . You will feel like you are in Šumava, until you are awakened from your reverie by the sound of the tram from the nearby Plzeňská street. If your furry friend is a water lover, walk up to the pond over the surface of which the statue of Diana, goddess of the hunt, bends.


Perhaps every man in Prague has visited the famous Prokop Valley with his dog. The most popular one is here trail to Děvín to the Ctirad viewpoint , from where you will have Prague in the palm of your hand. If you choose Nová Butovica or Lužina as your starting point and walk along K Sopce street, you will come across freely accessible dog playground with agility obstacles .


And now for a moment from the wilderness to the castle park. The one in Průhonice, which is beautifully maintained, is definitely worth a visit. We recommend a visit in the spring , when everything is blooming beautifully, but you won't be disappointed at any other time of the year. Be prepared that there is an entrance fee, even for a dog. You can choose for a walk circuits of different lengths (90 minutes, 150 minutes, 4 hours or full day).


You will especially appreciate this tip in the summer. There's nothing better than cooling off by the water on a hot day (and there's nothing worse than your dog rolling around in a wet fish on the shore, you know that too?). The Hostivařská dam offers an escape from the arid city to the banks of Botič. Although you are not allowed on the closed beach with a dog, however, there is plenty of space in the vicinity where your furry friend can enjoy water games . But be careful not to overdo it, on hot days it is necessary to cool the dog down gradually to avoid thermal shock.


Divoká Šárka valley is another gem for dog walkers. And not only for them, many cyclists also head here. That's why it's good that the dog has a good command of summoning. Otherwise, he can move here without restrictions . There are several routes in the valley, the shortest of which is 5 km long. You can easily get here by car or public transport, and if you get hungry on the way, you will also find several food stalls along the route. Dogs can refresh themselves in the streams that run along the roads.


Our tips must not miss the Kunratický forest, which is nicknamed the green lungs of Prague. It is located in the middle of panel housing estates and dense urban development. As soon as you enter it, you will forget all the chaos of the big city. He walks through the forest several marked hiking trails . You will also find playgrounds, gazebos, a large number of benches, a picnic area with a public fireplace, an educational trail, and what will probably interest dogs the most - a stream in which they can cool off or quench their thirst .


Head to the Chuchelský háj nature reserve not only with dogs, but also with children. While walking here, you will come across mini zoo and several playgrounds. And if you go here on a weekend in the summer season, you can recharge your batteries with local refreshments.

Do you know other places in Prague for nice walks? Let us know.

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