Who thinks of them? Or dogs and hiccups

Can dogs have hiccups? Of course yes. Hiccups are more common in puppies, but it is not uncommon in adult dogs as well. Keep in mind that this is normal and usually poses no health risk. But if you are interested in how to help a dog from hiccups, read on.


Both dogs and humans experience hiccups during pregnancy sudden and spontaneous contractions of the diaphragm caused by irritation of the diaphragmatic nerves . During these jerks, there is a sharp intake of air into the lungs. As this violent air passes through the larynx, the laryngeal valve closes .

Even scientists do not know exactly why hiccups occur. One possibility is that the sudden contractions of the diaphragm are a remnant of fetal development in the womb. Hiccup there it is said to serve as a test of respiratory muscle development . Another likely possibility is that hiccups are the body's way of releasing gas . Whatever the cause, hiccups are usually triggered by one of the following factors:


Age : Canine hiccups occur most often in puppies up to the age of about eight months . According to scientists, it strengthens their growing lungs.

Stress : Hiccups can also be stress reaction to excessive stimulation . And again, this is more true for puppies.

Swallowing : This often triggers hiccups in humans as well. When we eat or drink quickly , we take in an excessive amount of air, which then starts hiccups.


Sure you know a lot of grandmotherly advice . And you've probably already found out that most of them don't work . It's the same with dogs. In addition most of the tips that people try are not suitable for dogs . For example, you probably wouldn't want to purposely startle your dog. If you still want to try something, try the following:

Tummy massage : The one for the dog it will help to relax and calm your breathing , which could banish the hiccups.

Make him drink : As with humans, water can interrupt contractions that cause hiccups. But he should drink slowly, swallowing would only make the hiccups worse .

Hiccup too you can prevent by ensuring to make the dog eat more slowly . Give him food after smaller doses , you can also buy anti-swallow bowls . In In most cases, hiccups are harmless , but if it seems to you that it lasts too long and that something might be wrong, see a veterinarian to be sure.

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