Why convince your boss to bring your dog to work?

Not only the restaurants we wrote about here are dog friendly, but also offices! Yes, more and more people can take their furry friend with them to work. Many of them even look for a new job based on whether dogs are welcome in it. No wonder. We spend a large part of the day at work, and as much as we love our dog, we don't want to leave him alone at home. Dog friendly offices have many benefits. And that for both dogs and employees.



In today's hectic times, stress has become a daily part of our days. And especially the working ones. Still can't find a way to minimize it or even get rid of it completely? According to current studies, dog owners who can take them to work have much lower stress hormone levels . So if you have the opportunity and your dog knows at least a few rules of good behavior, don't hesitate and go to work with him. In stressful situations, you just need to enjoy it for a while and you will immediately feel better. In addition, you don't have to watch your watch all day in order to leave on time to walk the dog.



Any dog ​​owner will confirm that a dog is a great "communication tool". Without a dog, you'd probably know far fewer neighbors, but your furry friend makes you a household name on the street. In a positive sense, of course. It works similarly in the workplace. We know from our own experience that the dog often goes around all offices and "reduces stress" on the entire floor. You drive him crazy, and because of that you get to know people from the other offices who you probably wouldn't even strike up a conversation with under normal circumstances. Thanks to the four-legged colleagues, there is therefore a very friendly atmosphere and one such day with a dog at the workplace puts any weekend team building in your pocket.



At first glance, it seems that a dog can be a distracting element at work. But the opposite is true. It is common knowledge that you should take short rest breaks during your shift. But many of us work non-stop with the belief that we will get the most work done that way. But the longer we work continuously without a break, the more our productivity decreases. Having a dog with you at work will force you to take a few breaks. Try it and you will find that during a short walk outside you will gain new energy and your work will go better. With a combination of stress reduction, your dog will make you aspire to employee of the year!

In conclusion, it should be noted that certain rules need to be followed with a dog in the workplace. Therefore, before his first visit ask all colleagues if they won't have a problem with him . Some of them may be afraid of dogs or maybe allergic to their hair, which you should respect. It is also clear that not every environment fits a dog - both from a human and a dog's point of view. But if you consider everything and in the end the dog's visit gets the green light, you will look forward to work much more.

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