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Herbal repellent collar ARAVA

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Herbal repellent collar ARAVA

Product description

This unique collar is impregnated with a mixture of essential oils of trees and herbs. The plants from which they come have created the most effective defense mechanism against pests that nature is capable of. It is suitable for adult dogs and puppies without age restrictions.

1) The strong aroma of natural oils persists only for the first days after opening. If the dog is sensitive to odors, put on the collar 3-5 days after opening the package.
2) Validity period: up to 6 months.
3) The collar repels the pest, not kills it.
4) The effect persists even after the dog is swimming in the sea or in clean water. Remove the collar before shampooing.
5) If the dog has been attacked by the parasite, it is necessary to properly treat the environment in which it moves.
6) Previous bathing in regular shampoo or shampooing while using the collar leads to a reduction / delay in the onset of effect. On the contrary, shampooing in herbal repellent shampoos ARAVA has a synergistic effect.
7) Do not let the dog run in tall grass and in places with a high incidence of ticks. This protects his health. No parasite product has a 100% effect.

  •  the strong aroma of natural oils persists only for the first days after opening
  • universal size 56 cm
  • effectiveness time: approx. 6 monthss
  • the collar repels the pest, not kills it
  • the effect lasts even after bathing in salt water
  • remove the collar before shampooing
  • the effect persists even after bathing the dog in the sea or pure waterremove the collar before shampooing

Instructions for use: remove the collar from the package and place it on the dog so that there is room between the dog and the skin on the neck for the free insertion of two fingers. Cut off the rest of the collar - you can use it, for example, in a moth protection cabinet. Prevent the pet from eating the collar. If the collar is dirty, wipe it with a damp cloth. This will loosen the pores in the polymer matrix of the collar to further release oils into the coat.

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